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Questions answered about the pure water method that Belfast Window Cleaning use.

What is Pure water?

Pure water is ordinary tap water that has been forced through a set of filters called a reverse osmosis system and a deionisation chamber which removes all additives including calcium, flouride and any natural solids leaving it 100% pure.  Rainwater can also be used but because it is so clean anyway only the deionisation chamber is required to make it pure.

For example using a TDS (total desolved solids) meter to test water, tap water can be anywhere from 200 PPM to 700 PPM (parts per million), rain water 4-16 PPM and pure water 000 PPM.

Do you still need to use soap?

No, soap was only ever used to provide slip for the squeegees which actually did the cleaning by removing the dirt from the glass.

So how does just Pure Water clean?

Our purpose made brushes agitate the dirt into the water and then it is simply rinsed away with more pure water leaving nothing on the glass or frames.

why are the windows left wet?

This is simply because it is the best way to obtain a streak free shine, because the water is pure, when it evaporates it leaves nothing behind so there will be no marks whatsoever.

Do you clean the frames and sill?

Yes, because we cannot leave anything on the glass the frames are thoroughly cleaned as part of the process to eliminate any chance of dirt running down onto the glass.  Sills are cleaned as a courtesy and to prevent dirt dripping onto windows below.

Do you clean in rain?

Yes in light rain or drizzle we do. As mentioned earlier, rain contrary to polular belief is very clean.

We don't clean in heavy rain as this is normally accompanied by winds that can blow dirt onto the windows.